TIMMS ERP Case Studies

Dindas Case Study 

In 1988 TIMMS surfaced as the obvious choice for Dindas Australia’s business management software requirements. Almost twenty years on and TIMMS remains the software package of choice at Dindas.

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Fowles Auctions and Sales POS Case Study  

TIMMS has continued to meet the needs of Fowles Auctions and Sales, as their operations have expanded and the business requirements have evolved.

New modules have been added and WilldooIT  has worked closely with Fowles to implement specialised modifications which can then be shared with other retail businesses.

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Bone Timber Industries  Case Study 

As a long running retail business, Bone Timber has found TIMMS a user-friendly and reliable system with excellent training and support. 

Of particular note was the support offered over the phone and the readiness of the support team to develop and provide alternative options. Bone Timber always feels as though the WilldooIT team can help with all their needs.

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Mathews Timber Case Study  

(Chain of Custody)

Chain of Custody refers to the process of making sure timber products maintain their ‘certified’ status from sustainable forests, through various manufacturing and distribution stages, to the end customers. 

Mathews Timber is using TIMMS to prove their product certification on a number of fronts. They are adapting their product codes and descriptions to include an indicator of the product certification.

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Meyer Timber Case Study  

Since installing TIMMS in January 2000, Meyer Timber has changed the way they operate taking advantage of TIMMS unique timber management functionality. Meyer has successfully grown their business and kept abreast with the latest in technological advancements. 

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Worldwide Timber Traders Case Study

Being in such a diverse market meant that WWTT faced a unique problem due to limitations with their existing software. They constantly found that it needed improving as their business requirements evolved over time.

The structure of TIMMS means WWTT can provide a smooth process for their customers which provides them with a confirmation of their order, eliminating delivery errors or incorrect pricing.

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Philcox Case Study

When Philcox Timber Trading chose to install TIMMS it was selected for its superior performance in handling inventory and its flexibility to integrate with Philcox Timber’s existing business processes.

According to Jim Philcox (Managing Director), “The decision to install TIMMS has paid off and the business has become much more technically savvy.”

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Dyson Currie Case Study

Dyson Currie is a family owned and operated wholesaling business situated in Cheltenham, Victoria. The company specialises in wholesaling packs, broken packs and docked to length based on customer requirements.

Having heard about TIMMS through associated Timber Merchants, Dyson Currie decided to update their business processes by purchasing TIMMS On-Demand. Since implementing TIMMS Dyson Currie has never looked back!

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