Timber Industry Management & Marketing System (TIMMS)

What is the TIMMS ERP Solution?

WilldooIT is the developer and distributor of the TIMMS (Timber Industry Management and Marketing System) ERP software. TIMMS is a comprehensive, integrated suite of computer, accounting and inventory control software, specifically designed for the timber industry.

TIMMS is the only solution the timber industry needs to manage sales, accounting and inventory giving you the power to grow your business. With a unique modular design, TIMMS can be tailored to all companies within the timber industry.

WilldooIT further assists users by helping you select the best TIMMS configuration for your business. This flexibility allows your system to be expanded as your business requirements grow and change .

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Why do you need TIMMS?

While TIMMS ERP offers a complete solution to help manage any business within the timber industry, there are many other reasons why it's a necessity in today's business environment:        

  • Because TIMMS is developed in-house and on-site, the WilldooIT development team dedicate their time to working on system modifications and improvements in response to customer requests and industry needs.

  • You automatically get access to software upgrades (optional), released twice per year, which are free to install onto your TIMMS Server.

    • Each TIMMS upgrade release contains enhancements that have been voted for by TIMMS users.

  • You get unlimited access to our dedicated support team, available every working day of the calendar year (excluding national public holidays).

  • TIMMS ERP is a durable and flexible software package that runs on the equally reliable (virtualised) UNIX / Linux operating system.

  • Most sites run both a TIMMS server and a Windows server, with the TIMMS server handling the core business processing and the Windows server handling the file sharing and emailing requirements.

  • We can host your system to reduce costs.

  • Willdoo offers constant consulting and training services for system administration work that may need to be carried out.

  • End-to-End solutions provide all the relevant products, services and support your business needs to run smoothly – so you only need one company that can implement and integrate your IT business infrastructure.

What's Covered?

TIMMS covers all of your timber needs including;

TIMMS - Finances

TIMMS - Sales & Distribution
  Sales & Distribution 

TIMMS - Supply Chain Management
  Supply Chain Management 

TIMMS - Supplementary Modules
  Supplementary Modules

Complete financial management in the once place as each TIMMS module offers in-depth functionality and reporting for all financial processes.

Distribution Software must be able to keep track of your supply chain, inventory, purchases and sales. TIMMS is easily customised to suit any sales and distribution models.

Retain control of your inventory, importing, suppliers and purchases and all other aspects of your supply chain to maintain efficiency.

  • Archive History Management

  • ODBC (for data extraction) 

  • Scheduler

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