Odoo Global Vendor Payment Solution

Seamless international vendor payments, without leaving Odoo

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AFEX and WilldooIT have joined forces to launch the global vendor payment Odoo app that makes paying overseas vendors in Odoo as easy as paying local ones, at very competitive fees.

Businesses transacting in multiple currencies when making international payments can incur significant bank fees, most likely result in a number of manual and inefficient processes and additional overheads and operational considerations.

Using the AFEX Global Vendor Payment App in odoo to make payments to vendors overseas will provide the same process and efficiencies as local transactions.

 Benefits of this app

Multi-currency account access

Hold foreign currency balances in any major, minor and selected exotic currencies with the Odoo FX App.

Reduce Transaction Costs

by up to 85% through a reduction in transaction fees and the elimination of intermediary fees.

 Enhanced FX process

users can obtain individual quotes for vendor bills in odoo without having to log in to a bank or third-party platform to obtain an exchange rate.

 Reduce errors

Validate Beneficiary Account Information – reduce errors, failed payments and protect against fraudulent transactions.

About AFEX

AFEX have pioneered personalised corporate foreign exchange services since 1979 & have been successful in disrupting the traditional models of banks in delivering international payments and managing currency risk for Australian businesses. 

AFEX is now one of world’s largest independently owned non-bank providers of global B2B payments and risk management solutions, transacting in excess of $30bn per annum. We are a trusted partner to more than 30,000 businesses worldwide, helping clients to protect their profit margins from unfavourable exchange rate fluctuations & process payments to more than 180 countries around the clock every day

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